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Welcome to Vicki Lyn Michael's Jewelers. Since 1997 we've provided the residents of Myrtle Beach and its surrounding areas with professionalism and fine jewelry. The success of our family owned business has and will be our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We ask you to share in this tradition.

Since the beginning, our trademark has been our selection of fine jewelry at exceptional value. In addition to our in store diamond and colored stone inventory, we offer a full range of custom manufacturing and repair services you'll need when buying and maintaining your jewelry. 

With highly skilled professionals and jewelry tradesman on staff, our in store expertise is surpassed only by our efforts to fulfill all of your needs.

Stop in or call our store today to find out how we can make your jewelry experience easy and pleasurable.

The Four C's

The greater the carat weight, the rarer, and more valuable

the diamond becomes. Five metric carats weigh exactly 1 gram.

Color is one of the more noticeable attributes of a diamond and has  a heavy impact on the price of a stone. Diamonds range from colorless to yellow or light brown, and are sometimes found in a spectrum of fancy colors including yellow, blue, and even red diamonds.

Diamonds are composed of mostly carbon. During the heating process, other elements become trapped inside, giving each diamond its own unique fingerprint. These inclusions help identify the clarity of your diamond. 

True definition of cut is the quality of the proportions and symmetry of the diamond. Your diamond's proportions make a vast difference on how brightly your diamond shines.

Follow the link below for a gallery of some of the fine

pieces you can find at

Vicki Lyn Michael's.

We have what

you're looking for.

Choosing a piece of jewelry is not something we take lightly. We understand how important it is to pick the perfect piece for the perfect occasion. 

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